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Early and mid-career researchers from Australia and New Zealand are invited to submit a PowerPoint presentation (equivalent to a ten-minute spoken presentation) on a topic of your choice within the theme: Research to drive practice and behaviour change.

From these submissions four standout presentations will be selected and authors invited to take part in a webinar on 25 March 2021.

All submitted PowerPoint presentations, as well as the recordings from the webinar, will be uploaded to the FASD Hub and disseminated via social media and our email newsletter after the event.

Guidelines for submissions

  1. Presentations can be submitted under the categories listed below:
    • Assessment/diagnosis
    • Advocacy and policy
    • Education
    • Indigenous health
    • Justice
    • Prevention
    • Therapy and support
  2. Researchers may submit more than one presentation
  3. Tell the story of how your research has had impact – also comment on the relationship to or relevance for people diagnosed with FASD, their families or community members
  4. First screen should include the name of the authors, affiliated institutions & source of funding
  5. Limit the number of words on each screen – the recommendation for a 10 minute presentation is 10-12 slides
  6. Use contrasting colours for text and background
  7. Ensure font size can be easily read – a font size of at least 24pt is recommended
  8. Include visuals and display data using tables and graphs, ensuring they can be easily read
  9. All abbreviations used must be defined the first time they appear
  10. Save PowerPoint presentation as a PDF document. No audio is required.

Submit your presentation here.

Submissions close 4 March 2021


Each of the four invited presenters will have ten minutes to speak to their slides and then five minutes to answer questions specific to their presentation. After each presenter has spoken, all presenters will form a panel to answer any remaining questions from the audience for the last 15 minutes of the event.

The FASD Hub People’s Choice Award will be chosen by the audience who will vote via Zoom poll, with the winner being announced at the end of the session.


For any questions in relation to this event, please contact us at