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Editorial Review

The Subject Matter Editorial Panel (SMEP) is responsible for reviewing, co-producing and approving new content for the FASD Hub.

The SMEP will comprise people who can draw upon valued and relevant perspectives and experience - health professionals, other professionals such as educators, people working in the justice sector, service providers, researchers, people living with FASD and their families and caregivers. 

Currently we have a Panel of clinicians, parents & caregivers, and people living with FASD who are collaborating on the development of a series of short animated videos. 

Members include:

  • Cheryl Dedman
  • Sophie Harrington
  • Geraldine Kirkcaldie
  • Nicole van Ingen
  • Sue Miers
  • Allison Vincent Ohmann
  • Neil Reynolds
  • Dr Natasha Reid
  • Dr Vanessa Spiller