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FASD Hub Advertising Policy

Advertising revenue

All editorial content on FASD Hub Australia’s website and social media platforms is independent of any paid or advertised content. We select and develop content based on objective and fair criteria including its evidence-base, credibility and relevance to our audiences.

FASD Hub Australia does not accept advertising revenue for the promotion of any third party’s service, product, resource, or therapeutic intervention.

Promoting FASD Hub Australia content

FASD Hub Australia will from time to time use advertising to promote awareness of FASD in Australia and content we have developed or been a partner in its development. This includes advertising on social media and digital or hardcopy publications. Any advertising undertaken should be ethically sound, balanced and sensitive to the issues surrounding FASD in Australia.

FASD Hub Australia will seek endorsement and promotion of its message by online influencers, however it will not seek any paid endorsement from online influencers.


Promoting involvement in research

FASD Hub Australia will review all requests to include surveys, recruitment for clinical trials or members for project advisory/steering groups on the website. Projects will need to have ethics approval specific to these requests, and have a name and contact details for further information, prior to publication.

Page last updated 29 October 2018