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Australian and New Zealand FASD Clinical Network


To coordinate, expand capacity and standardise our approach relating to FASD referral, diagnosis and management in Australia.

Terms of reference

  • To provide collegiate support in establishing and expanding FASD diagnostic services.
  • To standardise our approach to assessment, diagnosis, data management and therapy.
  • To provide opportunity for national and international collaboration in clinical research.
  • To standardise the definitions of training related to FASD education and continuing professional development.
  • To provide support for the development of continuing professional education tools for use by health professionals in Australia.
  • To support the national accreditation of continuing professional development in FASD.
  • To support workforce development in FASD assessment, diagnosis and therapy.
  • To contribute to research in FASD assessment, diagnosis and therapy.
  • To contribute to the development and maintenance of regional and national FASD databases.

Criteria for membership of the Australian FASD Clinical Network

3 membership categories

1. Lead clinicians/directors of an established clinic/service who are actively involved in FASD diagnosis and are multidisciplinary in nature.

  • Providers of training in FASD diagnosis
  • Collecting FASD diagnostic data that can contribute to a national FASD database

2. Researchers who are actively involved in FASD diagnostic research activity with an established FASD clinic.

3. Consumer/community/policy member


Bi monthly Meetings
Meetings will be coordinated by the FASD clinical network coordinator by liaising with invitees to confirm meeting dates, preparing the agenda, arranging teleconference facilities / venue and forwarding information/minutes.

Yearly rotation of roles
Co chair arrangement – Multi disciplinary representatives from different states

Current Co-Chairs:

Dr Doug Shelton - Paediatrician (Australia)

Andi Crawford - Clinical Psychologist (New Zealand)

Contact them via email


The Clinical Network is a partner on the FASD Hub Australia and the dissemination and evaluation of the Australian Guide to the diagnosis of FASD and e-Learning modules.

Page last updated 10 October 2019