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Court Cases

Coroners Inquest into the deaths of thirteen children and young people in the Kimberley region of Western Australia - published 7 February 2019

Report by Coroner Ros Fogliani


Western Australian Government Department of the Attorney General

Equality Before the Law Bench Book


Australian court cases with specific reference to FASD

Western Australia
LCM-v-The State of Western Australkia [2016] WASCA 164
The State of Western Australia v BB (a child) [2015] WACC
AH v The State of Western Australia [2014] WASC 228
The State of WA v Cox [2008] WASC 287

Thanks to Professor Heather Douglas, TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland for identification of cases in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia (Cox) - cases referenced in her publications

New South Wales
R v Bugmy High Court Decision
LIAC Crime Library State Library New South Wales

DPP v Moore [2009] VSCA 264

South Australia
Trevorrow v State of SA [2007 SASC 285

Northern Territory
R v Doolan [2009] NRSC 60 [9]


Recent Australian articles pertaining to sentencing



Decisions in relation to FASD - youth, parents, adults, witnesses,victims


New Zealand 
Privy Council decision Teina Pora

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