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Court Cases

Coroners Inquest into the deaths of thirteen children and young people in the Kimberley region of Western Australia - published 7 February 2019

Report by Coroner Ros Fogliani


Judicial Commission of New South Wales

Equality Before the Law Bench Book


Australian court cases with specific reference to FASD

Western Australia
LCM-v-The State of Western Australkia [2016] WASCA 164
The State of Western Australia v BB (a child) [2015] WACC
AH v The State of Western Australia [2014] WASC 228
The State of WA v Cox [2008] WASC 287

Thanks to Professor Heather Douglas, TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland for identification of cases in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia (Cox) - cases referenced in her publications

New South Wales
R v Bugmy High Court Decision
LIAC Crime Library State Library New South Wales

DPP v Moore [2009] VSCA 264

South Australia
Trevorrow v State of SA [2007 SASC 285

Northern Territory
R v Doolan [2009] NRSC 60 [9]


Recent Australian articles pertaining to sentencing



Decisions in relation to FASD - youth, parents, adults, witnesses,victims


New Zealand 
Privy Council decision Teina Pora