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At the conference in Perth in November 2018 the Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Sue Miers and an announcement was made that the award would subsequently be named in her honour as the ‘Sue Miers Lifetime Achievement Award’.

An independent panel from across Australia, which will include community representatives, will review nominations and select the recipient by majority vote. Nominees will not be approached for information and will not be advised of their nomination. Finalists will be notified in advance of the presentation.


Nominations will be accepted from individuals and organisations. You cannot self-nominate.


What to include in your nomination?

In the nomination form please provide information on the following:

  • Describe the individual, their overall experience and expertise, their employment or role in an organisation, the nature of the work they have done, and the duration of this work.

For example:

  • How have they promoted awareness of the impact of FASD and/or alcohol use in pregnancy?
  • How have they advanced knowledge, improved services or provided advocacy about alcohol use in pregnancy and FASD in the public and/or political arena?
  • What have been their significant contributions in their specific field and the impact of their work e.g.
    • Science and research
    • Clinical care and service provision
    • Support for people with FASD and their families
    • Public health and policy
    • What benefits have flowed to Australian researchers, health and other professionals, and people living with FASD and their families as a result of the nominee’s dedication and achievements?

Please note:

  • The selection process will be confidential
  • The decision of the independent panel will be final
  • Personal information about nominees and nominators will only be used for the purposes of assessing and judging the nominations and will not be shared.

Please complete the application form by Wednesday 4 November 2020


For any questions in relation to this award, please contact Heather Jones on 08 6319 1824 or