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Illawarra born cross-generational health study

The primary aim of the Illawarra Born study is to make scientific discoveries associated with improving health and wellbeing across the lifespan, with a particular focus on preventable chronic diseases, especially mental health. This birth cohort study will follow and collect data from three cohorts representing different stages across the lifespan: infants, adults (parents) and older adults (grandparents). The multi-generational,cross-sectional and longitudinal design of this birth cohort study supports a focus on the contributions of genetics, environment and lifestyle on health and well being.

Publication: Pilot and Feasibility Studies

Date: January 2019

Authors: Townsend M.L., Kelly M.A., Pickard J.A., Larkin T.A., Flood V.M., Caputi P., Wright I.M., Jones A., Grenyer B.F.S.

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