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The psychosocial determinants of alcohol use in pregnancy

PhD Candidate: Tess Fletcher

PhD Title: The psychosocial determinants of alcohol use in pregnancy: Implicaitons for health promotion messages in Western Australia


The overarching aim of this study is to provide insights into the psychosocial determinants of Western Australia women's intention to use alcohol in pregnancy and extend the evidence base regarding health promotion messages that have the potential to reduce alcohol use in pregnancy.

Specific objectives are:

  • To identify key beliefs beld by Western Australian women about alcohol use in pregnancy;
  • To assess the predictive utility of key beliefs regarding alcohol use in pregnancy for intention to use alcohol in pregnancy among a sample of Western Australian women; and
  • To develop and evaluate theory-informed, evidence-based health promotion messages to reduce Western Australian women's intentions to use alcohol during pregnancy.

Supervisors: Professor Barbara Mullan (Curtin University), Dr Amy Finlay-Jones (FASD Research Australia CRE)

For information about this PhD contact Tess Fletcher

The funding for this project is provided through a FASD Research Australia PhD Scholarship. Read more about FASD Research Australia


Page last updated 15 January 2020