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Victorian Fetal Alcohol Service (VicFAS)-Diagnostic Consultation Service

Nature of clinic

Provides paediatricians with FASD diagnostic advice

Range of health professionals at the clinic

Paediatrician, Neuropsychologist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Teacher

Type of services provided at the clinic

Provides paediatricians with FASD diagnostic advice

Where referrals are accepted from


How the clinic bills

This service is offered at no cost

FASD experience and training

The VicFAS FASD Diagnostic Consultation Service provides paediatricians with FASD diagnostic advice. Assessments already performed in the community form the foundation of the consultation. The VicFAS neuropsychologist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, teacher and paediatrician review assessments performed to date against the Australian Guide to the Diagnosis of FASD. Advice is provided to the paediatrician as to what further information and local assessments could be obtained to progress the diagnosis. Telehealth feedback is provided to the child's paediatrician, and a written report with recommendations is provided to the paediatrician at the conclusion of the diagnostic consultation. Staff members have completed FASD diagnostic training.

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