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Dr Mimma Nikoloski

Perth Clinical Psychologists

Where referrals are accepted from

General Practitioners, Paediatricians, Other medical specialists, Psychologists, Allied health professionals, Families, Child protection services, Education Departments, Justice Departments

How billing is done

Medicare plus additional fee, Privately or other eligible Medicare items

Ages that services are provided for

0 - 4 years, 5 - 11 years, 12 - 18 years, Adults (> 18 years)

FASD experience and training

I can assess and diagnose FASD and support individuals and families in treatment by providing psychological therapy to work on goals such as addressing behavioural issues, social and emotional regulation difficulties and family relationship difficulties. I have attended several seminars and conferences where FASD diagnosis and interventions were discussed and also received training at university as part of my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology.

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Page last updated 11 October 2019