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Australian Guide FASD Clinical Workshop Facilitator Manual

Published in 2016, the Australian Guide to the diagnosis of FASD was developed to assist health professionals in the assessment, diagnosis, referral and management of FASD. It contains the Australian FASD diagnostic instrument and information about how to use the instrument. The instrument was developed to facilitate and standardise the diagnosis of FASD in Australia. The Australian Guide provides clinicians with diagnostic criteria for FASD, which were agreed following a review of existing guidelines and consultations with clinical experts.

In May 2018 the Australian Government Department of Health funded ‘The National dissemination of the Australian Guide to the diagnosis of FASD and eLearning modules’ project to increase awareness of the Guide and diagnostic process and to support training for relevant clinicians.

As part of this project a series of FASD clinical workshops were held across Australia. A ‘FASD Clinical Workshop Facilitator Manual’ based on these workshops was developed by a team of health professionals and parents and carers.

The Facilitator Manual includes the FASD Clinical Workshop Training Package, which is a comprehensive teaching tool that contains the information, resources and activities required to conduct the workshop. It is intended for use by workshop facilitators and presenters.

The Facilitator Manual is divided into two sections:

  • Part 1: Workshop coordination and adminsitration
  • Part 2: FASD Clinical workshop Training Package - workshop PowerPoint presentation slides and accompanying notes, and videos

The framework set out in the manual can be adapted for a range of different clinical settings over one or two days. The workshop slides provide the fundamental information pertaining to the assessment for FASD as outlined in the Australian Guide and should be used as the basis for the workshop.

How to access the Facilitator Manual

The FASD Research Australia Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) and development team are pleased to make these valuable materials available for use in training health professionals to undertake assessments and in the use the Australian Guide.

The materials may only be used for non-commercial education and training purposes. No part of the materials may be reproduced or used for any commercial purposes.

To access the materials please email us and you will be sent a Licence Agreement and form which must be completed, signed and returned via email. Once this is received you will be provided with access to all materials.


For health professionals unable to attend a face to face clinical workshop, this series of videos filmed at the Adelaide FASD clinical workshop offers you the opportunity to listen to the workshop presentations (min:sec):

  1. Introduction to the assessment and diagnosis of FASD (19:08)
  2. Assessing maternal alcohol use (15:20)
  3. Medical assessment (15:20)
  4. Assessing neurodevelopmental impairments (27:17)
  5. A parent's perspective (10.30)

An additional video on conducting a case study is available once you have accessed the Facilitator Manual.

FASD Clinical Workshop training videos

Introduction to the assessment and diagnosis fo FASD

Assessing maternal alcohol use

Medical assessment

Assessing neurodevelopmental impairments

Why diagnose - parent's perspective

Page last updated 7 April 2020