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FASD Awareness Month - September 2021

NOFASD - FASD Awareness Month resources

NOFASD Australia has created a range of resources which are available to any organisation or individual who would like to host an event during FASD Awareness Month this September.

FASD: A Whole-Body Diagnosis (online)

Surrey Place is celebrating FASD Awareness Month with a free webinar featuring FASD advocate Myles Himmelreich as the keynote speaker. The session will explore new health research on the importance of physical body health conditions that can impact the lives of individuals with FASD.

Operating in the Toronto region, Surrey Place provides specialised clinical services that are responsive to individual’s needs.


NOFASD - Introduction to FASD (Geraldton)

NOFASD Australia is bringing their popular 2-hour information workshop to Geraldton on 13 October. This introductory workshop will provide an overview of FASD and strategies to help support individuals and their families.

APSAD Conference event (online)

The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs FASD Special Interest Group (APSAD FASD-SIG) is planning a pre-conference event ahead of this year's APSAD Conference (7–10 November), which will include a range of presentations and networking sessions.

Find out more about the APSAD conference and joining the APSAD FASD-SIG.


FASD Training with Dr Vanessa Spiller (online)

This training program will move between evidence-based practice and practice based evidence to explore how psychologists and other health professionals can better support individuals and families impacted by FASD in a range of settings.

Dr Vanessa Spiller is a registered clinical psychologist, FASD educator, parent to a young adult with FASD and author.


The Sibling Project

The Sibling Project aims to give a voice to children and young adults who have a sibling with a developmental disability. Siblings can take part in a survey about their wellbeing, relationships, experiences and needs, or apply to join a Sibling Advisory Panel.