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What is FASD?

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a diagnostic term for severe neurodevelopmental impairments (you may see these as difficulties with physical activities, language, memory, learning and behaviour) that result from brain damage caused by alcohol exposure before birth. See What is FASD for more information and view the interactive graphic Brain impairment in FASD.

Understanding FASD

Learn about the strengths, difficulties and challenges for a person living with FASD. Plus an overview of how alcohol use during pregnancy can impact on the developing baby.

FASD diagnosis and assessment

Information to guide parents and carers through their journey. Health professionals can find details on the diagnostic categories and criteria, assessing maternal alcohol use and neurodevelopmental impairments.

Service Directory FASD-informed health professionals

I am on standby every hour of the day to respond even when my child is at school. I am my child's external brain and she can't function without it.


Managing FASD

Key principles and approaches to managing FASD plus tailored advice for health professionals, parents and carers, educators, justice professionals and service providers

Preventing FASD

FASD is a preventable disorder when the key advice is followed: No alcohol when planning a pregnancy and while pregnant and breastfeeding is the safest option

Page last updated 18 October 2018