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Video produced to support the initiative to make FASD history in regional WA. Produced by the Telethon Kids Institute and BHP (2016).

This website resource provides a set of principles for supporting children with FASD and discussion of the evidence base for key advice. Produced by Australian Institute of Family Studies.

This video from the WA Department of Health advises that not drinking alcohol during pregnancy is the safest option as per the Australian guidelines (2011).

Video aimed at supporting Aboriginal women to reduce and/or quit drugs and alcohol. Produced by the Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation and the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (2015).

Strategies and tips for parents and carers listed by the Australian parent and carer's organisation RFFADA.

Final report by the Senate Standing Committee into a range of issues associated with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience of law enforcement and justices services (2016).

Final report - Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs (2016)

This government report reviews the laws in Western Australia which deal with accused who have been found by a court to be mentally unfit to stand trial or have been found not guilty on account of unsoundness of mind (2016).

The Productivity Commission's report into equitable access to legal and justice system for all Australians (2014).

An online guide for parents and carers to help prepare and plan to access services in Western Australia. Produced by WA Individualised Services.