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Excessive drinking is linked to negative outcomes in families. From modelling of poor drinking behaviours, family arguments and disrupted family occasions, relationships child injuries, ongoing child neglect and abuse, and domestic violence.

This study examined the three facial features of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in a cohort of Australian Aboriginal children from two-dimensional digital facial photographs.

Alcohol & pregnancy Assessment & diagnosis Indigenous Australians

This study investigated the association between dose, pattern, and timing of prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) and birth defects...

Alcohol & pregnancy Assessment & diagnosis Research Journal article

This commentary explores the possibility that a policy of abstinence (i.e not drinking alcohol) for pregnant women may lead to termination of pregnancy...

Alcohol & pregnancy Prevention Media or commentary

Prenatal alcohol exposure is important for every mother to consider. This article considers what women need to know...

Alcohol & pregnancy Research Media or commentary