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This video explains that if you are trying for a baby not drinking alcohol is the safest option. Produced by the Telethon Kids Institute (2016).

Designed to assist clinicians in the diagnosis, referral and management of FASD. This online book contains the Australian FASD Diagnostic Instrument and information about how to use the instrument (2016).

These e-learning modules accompany the Australian Guide to the Diagnosis of FASD. They are are designed to provide clinicians with an introduction to FASD as well as specific guidance on dealing with alcohol in pregnancy, assessment, diagnosis and management. Produced by Telethon Kids Institute and

This online learning module for midwives looks at asking questions about alcohol use, brief interventions, and use of the AUDIT-C screening tool. Produced by the Telethon Kids Insititute (2016).

A comprehensive guide to navigating FASD in Australia for parents and carers. Produced by NOFASD Australia.

This video reports on the development of tools to assess the level of drinking in pregnant women in Australia. Produced by Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (2009).

An online FASD portal for people working, studying or interested in addressing the harms of alcohol use in pregnancy. The Australian Indigenous Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre aims to provide a central collection of resources relating to FASD and Indigenous communities.

This video explains the diagnosis of FASD in children and argues for the prevention of FASD with a change in community attitudes and behaviours. Produced by Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, FARE (2014).

A website guide to the FASD 4-Digit Diagnostic Code developed by the University of Washington.

This leaflet for health professionals includes guidance on asking pregnant women and women of child bearing age about their alcohol consumption. Produced by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE), funded by the Australian Government Department of Health (2014).