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This online learning module for midwives looks at asking questions about alcohol use, brief interventions, and use of the AUDIT-C screening tool. Produced by the Telethon Kids Insititute (2016).

A series of fact sheets produced by NOFASD Australia that provide an overview of FASD, problem behaviours and issues faced by those living with FASD.

This video reports on the development of tools to assess the level of drinking in pregnant women in Australia. Produced by Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (2009).

This video from the WA Department of Health advises that not drinking alcohol during pregnancy is the safest option as per the Australian guidelines (2011).

Video aimed at supporting Aboriginal women to reduce and/or quit drugs and alcohol. Produced by the Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation and the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (2015).

These TV advertisements were developed by the WA Department of Health Drug & Alcohol Office (2012).

The Australian Government's FASD Action Plan informs future directions to address the harmful impact of FASD on children and families (June 2015).

This plan identified five priority areas for government funding for FASD. Produced by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) in 2012.

In this video Dr Stephen Parnish, the Australian Medical Association's vice-president, discusses FASD and the fact there is no safe amount of alcohol that can be consumed while pregnant (2016).

In this video Dr James Fitzpatrick shares a poem about FASD in Aboriginal communities and how families are becoming more aware of the issue. Produced by Telethon Kids Institute (2016).