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What I wish people knew about me - living with FASD

Teenage boy:

I don't act the way I do on purpose - it's not my choice, it's how my brain processes things.

Just because I smile and nod, doesn't mean I understand or know what you're asking of me.

Having FASD doesn't mean I'm stupid, but it does mean I'll need support.

I need you to reframe my behaviour - I'm not lazy or attention seeking, it's because I can't, not because I won't.

My issues might change as I get older, but I won't grow out of FASD.

I don't always understand social cues and personal space, but I want friends and to fit in - just like anyone else.

It may seem like I can make choices, but is it really a choice when I don't understand the consequences of what I'm doing?

Help me succeed by having realistic expectations and giving me the support I need, otherwise it will harm my self-esteem and increase my anxiety.

As hard as FASD is for everyone around me, it's hard for me too.