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Language includes expressive and receptive (how we understand and make sense of what we hear) language skills.

How might the person with FASD be affected

May not understand instructions or their intent e.g. keep away from the hot stove

Can't find the right word, use the wrong word, can't communicate intent, can't structure a sentence

Engages in an apparently meaningful conversation but is unaware of the meaning of what is being said

Tips for managing these difficulties

Talk in simple terms - keep it short and sweet

Ask open-ended questions (not yes or no questions)

If the child can read, write things down, if they can't get them to draw pictures

Take your time when speaking

Give the person lots of time to think and respond

Use visual aids as much as possible

Use post-it notes, draw pictures or cartoons to tell a story or get them to tell a story

Summarise the conversation often, and get them to summarise for you to check they understand what they need to do


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