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FASD Hub Training 

Developed by researchers from the University of Sydney and Telethon Kids Institute, these free training materials are designed for health professionals involved in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) assessment and diagnosis.

eLearning modules to accompany the Australian Guide to the diagnosis of FASD

These free, self-paced eLearning modules are designed to give health professionals an introduction to FASD, an understanding of the risks of alcohol use in pregnancy and how to assess alcohol use, information needed to conduct assessment using the three diagnostic criteria, principles for discussing diagnosis and developing a management  plan, and and understanding of the referral and screening pathway. 

FASD Clinical Workshop Facilitator Manual

Looking to hold your own clinical training workshop? This manual contains all the information required to prepare, coordinate, deliver and evaluate a FASD Clinical Workshop. These training materials are designed for clinicians who have already undertaken the FASD eLearning modules. 

Other Training

The following training opportunities are offered by other organisatiosn, including universities, government, non-profit, advocacy and other groups. These include free and paid courses. 

The FASD Hub is not responsible for the content or administration of these training courses. 

Supporting alcohol-free pregnancy and safe breastfeeding

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The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) partnered with Medcast to produce this evidence-based eLearning course, which takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete.

Every Moment Matters is a national campaign supporting alcohol-free pregnancies and safe breastfeeding practices, endorsed and funded by the Australian Government.

WA Health AUDIT-C Learning Guide

Cover AUDIT-C Learning Guide

Self-directed learning guide for health professionals

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This four-part module and additional resources are designed for school leadership teams to present to their staff. They examine how FASD impacts on learning and provide a range of strategies to support students with diverse learning needs.

Explained by the Brain

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This online training is for Parents and Carers of young people impacted by FASD, and has been developed by Dr Vanessa Spiller, a Clinical Psychologist and parent to a young adult with FASD. 

FASD Prevention & Health Promotion Resources

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This flexible, modular package of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Prevention and Health Promotion Resources is designed for face to face workshops with health professionals.

UWA Short Courses and Graduate Certificate

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UWA Short Courses

The new online short courses aim to provide students with the foundational knowledge required for understanding FASD. There are two intakes for each short course per year: (1) April – June and (2) July – September.

1. History and Characteristics of FASD

2. Considerations for FASD Diagnosis

3. FASD Supervision

UWA Graduate Certificate

The aim of the gradaute certificate course is to provide students with the specialist knowledge and clinical skills required to participate in team-based assessment and diagnosis of FASD. This course accepts one intake per year and applications close 31st Jan. 

FASD Training

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The Prevention Services Division at the Mental Health Commission (WA) provides a range of training to health professionals and service providers about FASD. (1) Healthy women and pregnancy (2) Healthy women and pregnancy - Aboriginal focus on FASD in communities (3) 'New' valuable conversations: applying TICP & MI to alcohol use during pregnancy

NOFASD Training Modules


As a national organisation, NOFASD Australia delivers education and training to a wide range of audiences across Australia. The content and format of workshops is tailored according to the needs of the participants, to include caregivers, educator, disability services, justice, child protection and health sector professionals.

You can find out more here

Australian Fundamentals in FASD

For service providers and government agencies, this course will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the challenges your clients and their families experience and how you can provide FASD-informed supports.

For parents, carers and adults with FASD, this course sets a benchmark that you can expect as a minimum from the service providers you engage with.

Reframe Training

Reframe training. Recognise. Reframe. Respond.

Developed by researchers at the Telethon Kids Institute, Reframe Training is an evidence-based program that empowers frontline staff to recognise the challenges faced by young people with neurodisability, reframe their associated behaviours, and respond appropriately.