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International FASD and Justice System Study

Are you an adult with FASD or do you care for someone who has been diagnosed with FASD? 

If yes, you may be interested in taking part in the 'International FASD and Justice System Study', led by Dr David Junior Gilbert from the University of Salford, Manchester. 

The study aims to understand why some people with FASD/prenatal alchol exposure may become involved with the police and participation involves completing some computer tasks and quizzes.  

The Sibling Project

The Sibling Project aims to give a voice to children and young adults who have a sibling with a developmental disability. Siblings can take part in a survey about their wellbeing, relationships, experiences and needs, or apply to join a Sibling Advisory Panel.


Support for Families with Children Diagnosed with FASD

Based at the Griffith University (Queensland), this study is funded by the Australian Government to research what support services work best for families where children have a diagnosis of FASD or who are At Risk for FASD. Participation in the research will involve you and your child receiving an evidence-based intervention tailored for families with a child who has a diagnosis of FASD or who is At Risk for FASD.


Sleep in ND Survey

A team of clinical researchers (including sleep specialists from Queensland Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital at Westmead and The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne) are conducting research to learn more about sleep problems in children with FASD, and you are invited to help. As part of a large project across Australia, researchers want to know how sleep problems affect children and their families. This information to help improve sleep treatments for children with neurodevelopmental conditions, including FASD. To have your say please follow the link and tell us about your child’s experience of sleep.