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Setting Strong Foundations: Early Intervention to help children with FASD thrive


Mandatory Alcohol Labelling: A long fought battle. Now what's next?


Managing alcohol use in pregnancy


Alcohol and Breastfeeding


Diversity in FASD


Role of Men in FASD


Research to drive practice and behaviour change


Assessment & Diagnosis




FASD Research Australia Awards & Celebration

Understanding FASD: A free online seminar for the health and community sector (September, 2021)

Sponsored by the La Trobe University Rural Health School, this webinar aimed to help inform health and community service professionals by providing a wide range of information on FASD.

Please note the recording has been edited into four parts for ease of access.

NOFASD Australia webinars

NOFASD has released webinars for parents, carers, occupational therapists and teachers, as well as a series on 'Supporting your child to learn' and 'Child to parent violence and abuse'.

Classroom adjustments: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

This episode explores common adjustments teachers can make in the classroom to support students with FASD.

Produced by: Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) 

Christine Brooks - NOFASD Australia
Anne Russell - Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association (RFFADA)
Dr Dee Basaraba - Principal Project Officer: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Services

Pregnancy and Alcohol: The Surprising Reality

This podcast series takes the listener behind the scenes to chat with the people who understand FASD the most - parents, carers, health professionals and, most importantly, those living with the condition.

Produced by: NOFASD Australia

Host: Kurt Lewis


FASD: A Whole Body Diagnosis - Surrey Place (October, 2021)


Communication skills of adolescents with prenatal alcohol exposure - Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (October, 2021)

Angelene Bruce: Throwing FASD Stigma out the Window - The FASD Success Show (October, 2021)

Explained by Brain: A Conversation with Dr. Vanessa Spiller - FASD Hope (June, 2021)

Dr Vanessa Spiller: Little Things Make a Big Difference with FASD - The FASD Success Show (June, 2020)