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To mark International FASD Awareness Month, the FASD Hub hosted a virtual seminar series titled Assessment & diagnosis: there’s more than the test results.

We thank all those who attended, especially the panelists who so generously shared their experiences with the FASD diagnostic process, the impacts and challenges of a diagnosis, and the process of finding support and services.

You can watch each of their individual stories below, as well as a recording of the full seminar including the Q&A session.

FASD Awareness Month

Virtual Seminar - Full Recording

Anita & Dima's Story

Navigating being a teenager living with FASD

FASD Awareness Month

Natasha & Maree

FASD Awareness Month

Jess & Sue

FASD Awareness Month

Geraldine & Lola

Seminar Illustrations

Illustrations were provided in real time throughout the virtual seminar to reflect the key themes and experiences discussed. Read on for more.




Page last updated 18 November 2020