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To mark International FASD Awareness Month, the FASD Hub hosted a virtual seminar titled Assessment & diagnosis: there’s more than the test results.

We thank all those who attended, especially the panelists who so generously shared their experiences with the FASD diagnostic process, the impacts and challenges of a diagnosis, and the process of finding support and services.

You can watch each of their individual stories below, as well as a recording of the full seminar including the Q&A session.

FASD Awareness Month

Virtual Seminar - Full Recording

Anita & Dima's Story

Navigating being a teenager living with FASD

FASD Awareness Month

Natasha & Maree

FASD Awareness Month

Jess & Sue

FASD Awareness Month

Geraldine & Lola

Seminar Illustrations

Illustrations were provided in real time throughout the virtual seminar to reflect the key themes and experiences discussed. Read on for more.