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Consensus diagnostic criteria for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in Australia: a modified Delphi study

This article reports on a survey of health professionals to evaluate their  familiarity with and use of five existing diagnostic guidelines for FASD and whether one particular approach should be adopted in Australia. Participants indicated clear support for use of the UW diagnostic criteria for FAS in Australia. These findings should be used to develop guidelines to facilitate improved awareness of, and address identified gaps in the infrastructure for, FASD diagnosis in Australia.

Authors: Rochelle E Watkins, Elizabeth J Elliott, Raewyn C Mutch, Janet M Payne, Heather M Jones, Jane Latimer, Elizabeth Russell, James P Fitzpatrick, Lorian Hayes, Lucinda Burns, Jane Halliday, Heather A D'Antoine, Amanda Wilkins, Elizabeth Peadon, Sue Miers, Maureen Carter, Colleen M O'Leary, Anne McKenzie, Carol Bower

Date: August 2012

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