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Visual-motor integration, visual perception, and fine motor coordination in a population of children with high levels of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

This study investigated deficits in visual-motor integration skills among Australian Aboriginal children with FASD or prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) living in remote areas. Visual-motor integration is the ability to coordinate vision and hand movement to accurately copy complex shapes, which is an important skill for handwriting and other school tasks. Many children in the study had poor visual-motor integration, but more children with FASD had problems with VMI than children without PAE. Children with FASD had additional problems with fine motor coordination.

Authors: Robyn Doney, Barbara Lucas, Rochelle Watkins, Tracey Tsang, Kay Sauer, Peter Howat, Jane Latimer, James Fitzpatrick, June Oscar, Maureen Carter, Elizabeth Elliott

Date: August 2016

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