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Assessing motor skills to inform a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder diagnosis focusing on persons older than 12 years: A systematic review of the literature

This review aimed to examine the extent and common types of motor impairment present in persons aged over 12 years prenatally exposed to alcohol as evidence for determining the skills that should be assessed and addressed in intervention.

Researchers found some evidence that difficulties with fine motor skills, visual motor integration, and balance skills persist in people who have been prenatally exposed to alcohol. However, most studies did not focus on adolescent or adult participants in isolation, making it difficult to generalize results. It was concluded that a review of functional difficulties in each individual would be required to determine if a motor assessment is warranted.

Publication: Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology. Vol 25 No 1

Date: March 1 2018

Authors: Bernadette Safe, Annette Joosten, Roslyn Giglia. 

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