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The Triple B Pregnancy Cohort Study investigates the effects of parental alcohol, tobacco and other substance use on infant development and family functioning. The study (also known as: Bumps, Babies and Beyond), recruited two sub-samples: (i) a general antenatal clinic sample of pregnant women and their partners (nā€‰=ā€‰1534 women; 842 of their partners); and (ii) a smaller sample of pregnant women with diagnosed substance use disorders (SUD; nā€‰=ā€‰89 women only). Participants were recruited through public antenatal clinics attached to major hospitals and area health services in New South Wales (NSW) and Western Australia (WA). 

Publication: International Journal of Epidemiology

Date: 2018

Authors: Hutchinson D, Wilson J, Allsop S, Elliott E, Najman J, Burns L, Bartu A, Jacobs S, Honan I, McCormack C, Rossen L, Fiedler H, Stone C, Khor S, Ryan J, Youssef G.J, Olsson C.A, Mattick R.P, Cassar J, Popescu A, Campbell G, Taylor L, Gomez M, Black E, Braunstein D, Dewberry L, Kelly E, Aiken A, Brann S, Clews S, Dawe S, Gordon A, Haber P, Hamilton D, Lewis A, McBride N, Moore E, Mutch R, Oei J, Patton G, Rapee R, Slade T, Shanahan M, Stephens C, Teague S, Ward M

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