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To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study of its kind conducted in Victoria. This study not only adds to the limited body of knowledge on barriers experienced by midwives but also identifies facilitators in antenatal settings that  promote screening and referral of pregnant women who use substance. Most of the barriers and facilitators are interrelated. Despite midwives' willingness to screen all pregnant women for substance use and provision of referral, they often felt limited in their capacity. Availability and accessibility to validated screening tool(s), in addition to regular, ongoing training for all midwives to maintain clinical competence and provide effective communication are imperative. Availability of a multidisciplinary team, funds and specialised care facilitie such as detoxification and mental health services, especially in regional and rural areas, are necessary to effectively support at-risk pregnant women.

Publication: Midwifery. 81 (pp 102595), 2019

Date: December 2019

Authors: Oni H.T; Buultjens M; Blandthorn J; Davis D; Abdel-Latif M, Islam M.M

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