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Digital assessment of the sentinel facial features phenotype: reliability and agreement study


  • There are no validated normative data for assessing the sentinel facial features phenotype in Australian Aboriginal cohorts.
  • The application of different PFL norms and Lip-Philtrum Guides in Australian aboriginal children has not been examined.
  • Digital assessment of the FAS facial phenotype is more accurate than direct measures but has not been examined in an Aboriginal cohort.


  • The African American Lip-Philtrum Guide and Caucasian (Strömland) PFL norms are the best fit for use in Australian Aboriginal children.
  • Digital assessment of the sentinel facial features phenotype in an Australian Aboriginal child population demonstrated substantial inter- and intra-rater reliability
  • The agreement between direct and digital assessment methods was moderate


  • Researchers have started collaborating with FrontierSI to facilitate Identify and implement engagement activities with the Westmead Hospital FASD clinic and other clinicians through the FASD CRE to increase the uptake/utilisation of the Cliniface platform (a 3D facial image software product).

Project Partners: University of Sydney, Telethon Kids Institute

Project Funder: FASD Research Australia Centre of Research Excellence

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