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Making FASD History: A multi-site prevention program

The focus of this program is building capacity in local organisations so that communities can own and continue to lead FASD prevention activity after the research is finished. The program aims to support communities to use consistent information and messages about drinking in pregnancy and FASD utilising existing national and regional FASD prevention resources.

Telethon Kids is extending its work across a further two sites to implement components of the Marulu strategy, which target community health promotion activity and workforce education and training. Guided by a local community reference group in each site, the Program will focus on sustainability, and building capacity in local services so that communities can own and continue to lead FASD prevention activity.

We are working with our partners to address the risks associated with women’s alcohol consumption, especially while pregnant. Based on local priorities and identified needs we will work with the organisations to:

  • develop localised “models of care” for referral and support pathways
  • targeted localised health promotion activities
  • community education
  • workforce development, focused on screening and brief interventions during pregnancy

Project lead: Dr James Fitzpatrick

Project dates: 2018-2020

Funded by: Department of Health (Australia Government)

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Contact: Elizabeth Connor