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Screening for FASD in Western Australia: Policy and practice recommendations

For effective implementation of FASD screening Western Australia, it is necessary to understand best practice nationally and internationally. This includes synthesising evidence on the psychometrics of available tools, reviewing clinical and implementation issues, and considering community and ethical perspectives on screening. 

Our aim is to:

  • provide evidence-based recommendations regarding screening for FASD in Western Australia 
  • examine current FASD screening recommendations internationally and nationally and consider which time-points during a child’s development a screening tool could be used, which settings would be most appropriate and how screening may be implemented
  • consider the economic and social impact of screening and referral for early assessment and diagnosis for FASD and early intervention

A Project Advisory Group which has representation from across WA has been formed to provide high level advice and expertise. Members include health professionals, people working with families and parents/carers.

Our Project Team

  • Dr Amy Finlay-Jones
  • Dr Rochelle Watkins
  • Dr Yi Huey Lim
  • Natalie Kippin
  • Heather Jones

Project Partners: Telethon Kids Institute, WA Department of Health Child and Youth Health Network

Project Funder: WA Department of Health

Contact Us

Dr Amy Finlay-Jones

08 6319 1808

Heather Jones

08 6319 1824