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Tanya Eliasson

Where referrals are accepted from

General Practitioners, Paediatricians, Other medical specialists, Psychologists, Allied health professionals, Families, Child protection services, Education Departments, Justice Departments

How billing is done

Medicare plus additional fee, Fee - advised when person contacts the clinic, service or practice

Ages that services are provided for

5 - 11 years, 12 - 18 years, Adults (> 18 years)

FASD experience and training

I've been supporting children and adults with FASD, and their carers, since 2019. I have been undertaking thorough diagnostic evaluations of FASD since 2020 for children and adults. I completed the Qld Health's GC FASD Clinic's training in 2018, I've completed other relevant modules, continue with CPD including peer supervision with Dr Meg Perkins, an expert in FASD, and I completed the UWA's Postgrad Cert in the Assessment and Diagnosis of FASD 2022-2023. I have a double degree in criminology and psychology from 2001 and honours in psychology 2003 with a criminal justice focus. Registered from 2005 with AHPRA. I have worked in the CJS, mental health, health, and disability fields. I have personal and professional knowledge and experience in the areas of FASD, ADHD and ASD. I have a special interest in providing diagnostic evaluations to adults involved in the CJS and I'm currently pursuing the establishment of a private FASD assessment clinic for adults. I am still currently available for diagnostic evaluations for children. 

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