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Video transcript: Dr Rebecca Pedruzzi

Dr Rebecca Pedruzzi, early career researcher:

My name is Rebecca Pedruzzi, I'm a researcher at Telethon Kids Institute, and an affiliate of the FASD Australia Centre for Research Excellence.

My research involves reducing and preventing the impacts of prenatal alcohol exposure by really aiming to understand what messages and campaigns can create supportive environments for women so they can abstain from alcohol.

Text displayed on the screen: Who else needs to be involved in this work?

Dr Rebecca Pedruzzi:

This work involves working with people from diverse backgrounds such as Government, health professionals, health services, and consumers to determine which messages have the greatest impact and are able to support women.

Text displayed on the screen: Why did you choose this area of research?

Dr Rebecca Pedruzzi:

Through my training in psychology I've always been interested in understanding why people act and think the way they do, but I think also, most importantly, the transition to motherhood is a really complex time in a woman's life and you are bombarded with information from all sources, which is so confusing, so I think research that can help women to navigate this space so they can get the right information they need is really necessary.

Text displayed on the screen: What is your ultimate research goal?

Dr Rebecca Pedruzzi:

My hope is that my research can contribute to a broader evidence base, so that women can have healthy pregnancies and we can direct dollars into the most effective interventions.