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Reporting a FASD diagnosis

FASD is a notifiable birth defect in Western Australia and South Australia. To register a FASD diagnosis in these states refer to:

The Australian Paediatric Surveilance Unit

Paediatricians can also report diagnoses of FASD to the Australian Paediatric Surveilance Unit (APSU). Please contact the APSU for information on their reporting process.


The FASD Australian Registry

Health professionals who look after children under 15 years with a confirmed FASD diagnosis are invited to inform their carers about the FASD Australian Registry (FASDAR).

Maintained by the University of Sydney and funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, the FASDAR aims to maintain a central database of FASD cases and support collection of national FASD data to monitor epidemiological trends and outcomes. These national FASD data will inform government departments, researchers, clinicians, and non-government bodies involved in service delivery, evaluation of treatments, and policy development for FASD, and assist with the provision of information to families regarding new services, effective treatments, peer support, and resources when these become available.