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The 'GPaskthequestion' project provides videos and resources to highlight the importance of asking all pregnant women irrespective of age, socio-economic status or ethnicity about their alcohol use.

Don’t assume that women are aware of the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

As you will hear in the videos women say "just ask us about alcohol".

As important as 'asking' is the need to 'assess and record' this information using a validated tool such as the AUDIT-C. It is critical to know about alcohol consumption before and after confirmation of pregnancy.

GPs can help address the issue of alcohol use for women planning a pregnancy and during pregnancy.

  • ASK about their alcohol use
  • ASSESS and record the level of risk of the alcohol consumption
  • ADVISE women that alcohol use may harm the developing fetus; no alcohol is the safest option; alcohol reaches concentrations in the fetal circulation as high as the mothers; and stopping drinking at any time during pregnancy reduces the risk to the fetus
  • ASSIST women to stop or reduce alcohol consumption through positive reinforcement; talking about the consequences of alcohol exposure to the fetus; and conducting brief interventions with the aim of supporting the woman to abstain, and where this is not possible, to reduce alcohol use
  • ARRANGE for further support by planning additional consultations or referral to specialist services and support groups


This project was conducted by Telethon Kids Institute and funded by the WA Primary Health Alliance.

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Watch the 'GPaskthequestion' videos

Alcohol in pregnancy is everyone's business

Asking questions about alcohol in pregnancy

Recording alcohol use in pregnancy

'GPaskthequestion' promotional cards

To obtain copies of the cards please send us an email

Side 1 GPasktherquestion card

Side 2 GPaskthequestion card


National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol

Guideline 4 Pregnancy and breastfeeding (pages 67 – 81)
Maternal alcohol consumption can harm the developing fetus or breastfeeding baby.

  • For women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, not drinking is the safest option
  • For women who are breastfeeding, not drinking is the safest option.


Assessing alcohol consumption in pregnancy using AUDIT-C

The AUDIT-C tool is available in recent versions of practice software.

The AUDIT-C tool can be found in the Australian Guide to the diagnosis of FASD
This AUDIT-C fillable form can be downloaded and saved into patient files.

Brochure for health professionals

This brochure was developed as part of the Women Want to Know initiative and explains how to use the AUDIT-C tool including the 3 AUDIT-C questions, the scoring system and the guidance to give women after using AUDIT-C.

Standard drinks guide

This webpage includes information on what is a standard drink and the approximate number of standard drinks in different services of alcohol

Women Want to Know initiative

This initiative was undertaken by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) in consultation with health professional bodies and a consumer representative. The work was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. It includes resources such as accredited training (General Practitioners and Midwives), brochures and videos.

Women Want to Know Resources

Education & training for GPs

RACGP accredited course for GPs 'Alcohol in pregnancy' developed as part of the Women Want to Know Initiative

eLearning modules that accompany the Australian Guide to the diagnosis of FASD - Module 3 Assessing Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Health Professional Alcohol and Pregnancy and AUDIT-C Learning Guide developed by Telethon Kids Institute and WA Health


FASD Hub Australia

The FASD Hub includes information for Australian health, justice and education professionals, service providers, policy makers and parents and carers.This work is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Sections related to alcohol and pregnancy include:
Alcohol use pregnancy
Assessing maternal alcohol use
Working with women with alcohol and substance use problems 
What is FASD?
Australian Guide to the diagnosis of FASD

The FASD Hub also includes a 'Service Directory' where you can find clinics and individual health professionals with an interest in assessment and diagnosis of FASD.

Other sections include research projects, resources and publications.